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Amount of lawyer’s fee depends on the quantity and quality of the case(s) you wish us to handle.
We will make an estimate on your request of our fee(s) for your case(s).
The following fee table is just to give you an idea how much our fee(s) shall be.

1 Visa

\200,000 +tax for an easy case
Fee shall be different for difficult cases.
A case might be difficult when application was rejected and client wishes us to re-apply or when legality of the client’s business depends on the application.

2 Divorse

(1) Retainer \300,000~\500,000+tax
(2) Success \300,000~\500,000+tax
and/or “10%+tax” of economical gain(s) by the client.
Additional fee shall be applied when client can not use Japanese or Foreign Law is applied.

3 Litigation

(1) Retainer \300,00~\500,000+tax
We will make an estimate of fee(s) when economical gain(s) exceeds \10,000,000.
(2) Success “10%~20%+tax” of economical gain(s) by the client.

4 Criminal cases

(1) Retainer
a.) After arrestment \300,000+tax
b.) After prosecution \300,000~\500,000+tax
c.) Major Crimes \1,000,000+tax
(2) Success
Same as retainer.

5 Litigation against Government

(1) Retainer \500,000+tax
(2) Success \500,000+tax

6 Time charge

When client(s) wish(es) to apply time charge system, we can accept the system for certain kinds of cases.

7 Nitto (travel fee)

Nitto depend on how far and how many hours to accomplish the task.

Legal Aid, Installment (divided payment) and Discount for lawyer’s fee

If there are any difficulties in the payment of lawyer’s fee, please consult us.

1 Legal Aid

Subsidized by government, Houterasu(Legal Aid)provides financial aid for those who have limited financial resources. In order to apply this service, at first, there must be enough possibilities to win. Then, one of the following conditions (a. to d.) has to be fulfilled;

  1.Those who receive public welfare
2.Those who have no income but pension (except those whose pension exceeds the criterion in d.).
3.Those who don’t have any occupation and income.
4.Those who have income;

The sum of the incomes after tax per month of yours and your spouse’s is within the following criterion.

Number of family members The sum of the incomes after tax per a month
All Area except Big Cities Big Cities Tokyo, Osaka, etc
Single Lower than 182,000JPY Lower than 200,000JPY
Two Lower than 251,000JPY Lower than 276,000JPY
Three Lower than 272,000JPY Lower than 299,000JPY
Four Lower than 299,000JPY Lower than 328,000JPY
More than five, add 30,000JPY per a person

*Legal Aid is available to foreigners; however, residential status (visa) is needed.
*Legal Aid is not available to criminal cases.

2 Installment/discount

(1) In cases where you cannot obtain Legal Aid because the income exceeds the above criterion and you have difficulty in one-time payment, please consult us.
(2)Your annual income is less than ten times of the estimated lawyer’s fee (estimated by us), please consult us on the reduction of lawyer’s fee or installment.

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